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Here at Metal Fabrications Ltd in Auckland, we are industry professionals with a proven track record of providing excellent service and quality that lasts. Our ability to provide not only quality products but sound advice only come from years of experience, and this is the sole reason Auckland looks to us for flagpole installation, and more.

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Liaising with clients

With over 35 years in the business, Metal Fabrications Ltd have the vast experience necessary to complete their metalwork professionally and efficiently. We enjoy the versatility of liaising with clients, and of discussing requirements, problem solving, design, fabrication, and the "outside" work of installations and maintenance.

Our testimonials

McDonald’s Restaurants – “Metal Fabrications Ltd. (trading as The Flagpole Company) have been our preferred supplier (of flagpoles) for over 20 years. Good work.” Jason Buckley, Equipment Manager.
Spirit of New Zealand – “Metal Fabrications Ltd have assisted us for over 15 years with a multitude of jobs above and below decks and in the masts. Work is done once, done right and on time.” Lloyd McIntosh, Bosun.

Auckland Harbour Bridge – “The Flagpole Company designed, built and installed the flagpoles that we currently have on the Bridge. They did the job admirably and we confidently fly large flags in any wind conditions." Jon Patman, Manager, Total Bridge Services (bridge maintenance and operations).

SecureCo (security installations) – “Metal Fabrications Ltd custom build the multitude of brackets, hangers and bits that one needs to install security equipment into commercial and industrial sites. Their versatility to work with all the metals enables them to make them strong, corrosion-proof and, invariably, urgently.” Lawrence Keeser, Project Manager.

Ferry Building – “The Flagpole Company did the complete design, fabrication and installation to replace our flagpole and structural steelwork in the top of the tower. A great job in a difficult situation.” – Roger Worsley, Ferry Building Maintenance Manager. For quality flagpole installation and more, call Metal Fabrications Ltd in Auckland today, on 09 273 9517.
Flag pole installed outside Mcdonald

The history

Managing director John Haycock commenced working life in structural engineering design (calculations and drawings for building structures), and with a lifelong passion and experience in competitive yacht racing, he moved on to working for a yacht mast manufacturer for 7yrs, before finally setting up his own self-employed business in 1985. 

John is also qualified NZCE Civil/structural, and has wide experience with yacht masts, rigging and racing. This combined with the structural design knowledge and many years of metal fabrication experience ensure that Metal Fabrications Ltd can, and have, manufactured a wide range of professional products. John's son, Tom has also worked in and out of the business all his life and gained many skills (factory skills of fabrication and welding but also installation and maintenance).
He initially went into the building trade but joined the business full-time in 2008.
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