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If you're looking for professional flagpole manufacturers in Auckland with vast experience, look no further. Metal Fabrications Ltd's flagpole manufacturers have the expertise and efficiency to assist you with all your flagpole needs. We also provide flagpole hiring services, and supply a small range of flags you may wish to purchase. 

For more information on our flagpole manufacturers, call us in Auckland today.

Ferry Building

Flagpole installed for the customer

Features and options

  • Tapering – reducing the diameter of the flagpole at the top to enhance appearance (particularly on larger flagpoles) 
  • Internal halyard system – rope/halyard inside flagpole accessible via locking door (multiple flagpoles are keyed alike) 
  • Bases and brackets
Freestanding flagpoles are usually the straight galvanised steel spigot but we can offer many variations, such as:
  • Hinge base
  • Bolt-down base
  • Hold-down bolt cages for raft-type foundations 
Many variations are necessary for wall and deck mounted flagpoles.

Flagpole types

Flagpoles may be portable, wall/deck mounted or freestanding. Most modern flagpoles are quite slender but we also do ‘Colonial’ and ‘Nautical’ flagpoles which are a ‘look-alike’ of the old wooden flagpoles.

Freestanding flagpoles are usually mounted over a galvanised steel spigot for good support and we have specialist equipment to erect or remove the flagpoles off the spigot for very occasional maintenance.

Wall and deck mounted flagpoles require the most customising and communication (photos of the intended location are best) and measurements are required to ensure the brackets are made to suit. Flagpoles are usually customised to clients’ requirements so we stock and manufacture a wide range of parts and options available.

Surface finishes

Aluminium can be left as-is (plain aluminium) but can also be powder coated, painted, or anodised.

Anodising is a hard silver grey surface finish (inside & out – similar to hot-dip galvanising is to steel products) and we recommend this particularly for flagpoles close to a marine environment.

Powder coating is a hard exterior finish and white is the usual preference but many other colours are available.

Stainless steel may be a brushed satin or highly polished finish.

A range of materials

Aluminium is ideally suited to the majority of flagpoles from 2.5m to 12m tall. Shorter flagpoles may be fibreglass, wood or steel. However, taller flagpoles are usually steel, and may also be stainless steel. This is a very attractive option, and secure as these are usually mounted over a galvanised steel spigot for structural support just as with the aluminium flagpoles.

Steel generally becomes a viable material for flagpoles over about 12m tall. Wood is not a very viable material in terms of cost but we can make them if preferred. 

Installation, maintenance, and hire

We do installations ourselves around Auckland particularly but have done larger job/projects throughout the country when it is viable. We are happy to liaise with and advise other contractors around New Zealand. 

We also have a large stock of hire flagpoles. We can deliver, set up, and take down if required. It is not uncommon to customise hire flagpoles to suit clients’ flags. 

Flag selection

Although we are not flag manufacturers, we do still have a small range of popular national flags. We can advise on flag sizes, fabrics and clips best suited for your flagpole. Contact us today for more information.
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